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About Us

About Us

Hi, It’s Cathy here and I’m the founder of Trace & Track.

For over a decade collectively with my husband, we were instrumental in the development and implementation of introducing RFID Technology into individualised pieces of linen within the Commercial Laundry Industry.

Over this period, I developed an unwavering passion for the need and demand for all facets of tracking device technology.

I’m a firm believer that through balancing quality, functionality, innovative and modern designed tech accessories, we can streamline your everyday essentials with a minimalistic footprint that will ensure your prized possessions are always on your radar.

Our mission at Trace & Track is to provide you with a professional and exceptional customer experience every step of your journey with us.

Apple Airtag and our accessories compliment your security for everything from your wallet, keys, bicycles, scooters, airpods and more, all the way through to pets and children, using nothing but the highest quality materials and design.

With a professional vision and enthusiasm to match, we trust that our products offer the perfect solution for all your tracking needs.

I am excited to Welcome you here and I trust that you will enjoy the Trace & Track difference.